Checking out the form

To troubleshoot any problems we may encounter while editing the form, we need to inspect it. The devel module provides a kit of 5 functions to inspect the content of variables:

I think that you are asking for a form in a block where users can easily add a question without going to the usual node/add page. After some messing around, I've got this working on my site. I first created a custom content type called question and added a function to my template.php file.

how to one views with different block

hey.. i know what you looking for how to setup or make one views with different block field..

use button fields and "rearrange", "Rearrange fields" then click OVERIDE button then your block/page each status will be

"Status: using overridden values."

This illustrative example shows how easy it is to override theme functions using the User_profile pages as an example.

The solution:
This is how the exact same user profile looks after overriding the theme and applying a simple user_profile.tpl.php file in my theme directory.

Just a quick post to share this great little gem of a module: filefield paths.

Recently I had to figure out how to automatically refresh a Drupal block every 5 minutes. The concept is simple enough but since I am new to jQuery (javascript in general really) and Drupal it was difficult for me to find a straight forward example.

While working on an aggregation site recently I needed to find a way to truncate the length of aggregated posts so that they only showed the first 200 or so characters of the post.

Analysis and Recommendations

* TOTAL_HTML - Congratulations, the total number of HTML files on this page (including the main HTML file) is 1 which most browsers can multithread. Minimizing HTTP requests is key for web site optimization.

This page contains the documentation for the Mobile Tools module.

For those new to Drupal the term Drupal theming can sound a little scary but really it really isn’t something you should fear!
Drupal theming in its simplest form in just a HTML/CSS layout with a bunch of PHP tags dropped in.