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Drupal 6 Customizing the user profile pages


This illustrative example shows how easy it is to override theme functions using the User_profile pages as an example.

The solution:
This is how the exact same user profile looks after overriding the theme and applying a simple user_profile.tpl.php file in my theme directory.

How I did it

To override just the layout of the User Profile page..I created a template.php file with this in it:

* Catch the theme_profile_profile function, and redirect through the template api

function phptemplate_user_profile($account, $fields = array()) {
// Pass to phptemplate, including translating the parameters to an associative array. The element names are the names that the variables
// will be assigned within your template.
/* potential need for other code to extract field info */
return _phptemplate_callback('user_profile', array('account' => $account, 'fields' => $fields));


I uploaded that into my active theme directory and then created and uploaded, to the same directory, the override layout file which is called user_profile.tpl.php.

A very simple/shortened example of how my user_profile.tpl.php works maybe illustrated as follows....(e.g. I have setup custom extended user profile fields called profile_city, profile_country, profile_postcode)....

<?php if($account->picture): ?>

picture ?>">

<?php endif; ?>
/** If you are using this snippet with Drupal version 4.7.x or 5.x use the
* following line to display a user picture instead
* <?php if($account->picture) {print theme('user_picture', $account);}?>

City: <?php print check_plain($account->profile_city); ?>
Country: <?php print check_plain($account->profile_country) ;?>
Postcode: <?php print check_plain($account->profile_postcode); ?>

If you don't want to show empty fields you can use an if check on the field like so:

<?php if($account->profile_postcode) { ?>
Postcode: <?php print check_plain($account->profile_postcode) ?>
<?php }?>


Edit your style.css to format the classes.

Security note: I have updated this snippet to include a security check on the content before outputting it, i.e. check_plain(). It's important to remember to check output properly when overriding theme functions in Drupal. (Please consult the How to handle text in a secure fashion for more information).

More details & in depth examples/discussion on this is in the original forum post.