Unfortunately some times you need to recover MySQL data from ibdata1. It’s many reasons why your getting corrupted Innodb files that cannot automatically be restored of the mysqld daemon.

When we worked on maintenance mode in Database MySQL on Drupal sites, sometime we need to change Our Prefix Tables at new database server, this is a simple trick if you don't want to change one by one table name :)

This is simple script PHP to use it.

Here are some basic, but high impact ways to optimize MySQL for Drupal (there are much more sophisticated and expensive ways to speed up your database of course):

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An appropriate amount of "query_cache" is believed to improve MySQL performance at the expense of available memory. "Appropriate" will vary widely with usage and "performance" on a live site can be elusive. On Ubuntu, the defaults are modest but "work".

I've been working on the performance of my Drupal site and thought I'd share my results to date in case they might help someone else. My baseline performance using out-of-the-box settings was around 28 requests per second, and the end result is a rate of 68 requests per second.