drupal 6

Load Balancer

This week, Our office for the fist time going to migration Our Old infrastructure Web server topology, upgraded to Load Balancing infrastructure model.

One week we have upgrade our system !... We have 7 Machine HP G7,.. IDC IIX. web server is behind a load balancer, and interacts with the load balancer through private internal IPs VPN NAS and Database Server.
We only have 1 Administrator and 1 Webmaster ( as me ) and 7 Machine we have to migrate and configure.. this is hard job.. !! i sacrifice my time to meet with my family .. my wife and my son.. i am sorry for Rakes... I am sorry for Mami.. :(( .. i will pay back my time for you... i love you.!

If we need to keep track of something variables and it needs to work with the user not logged in ( anonymouse ), what you want to do is use a cookie to keep track on it.

This is example code snippet when you hook / modifying a variable in page, node or comment and do something else. ! just try it.

Install and enable devel modul for in use code dsm($vars);

Ada 2 cara untuk menambahkan CSS ( Style ), di dalam theme, modules info atau menambahkan code drupal_add_css() dalam template.php atau modul custom yang Anda buat.

Menggunakan yourtheme.info ( setiap theme akan sama namanya misal menggunakan theme yang Anda buat )

When we worked on maintenance mode in Database MySQL on Drupal sites, sometime we need to change Our Prefix Tables at new database server, this is a simple trick if you don't want to change one by one table name :)

This is simple script PHP to use it.

Dicari cari susah nemunya, akhirnya nemuin ini FORM api drupal untuk fungsi bagaimana state form berubah dinamis, misal kasusnya kita ingin mengaktifkan CHECKBOX, tetapi TEXTAREA harus di isi dulu..

I am trying to get my head around the new l() function in drupal 6, l($text, $path, $options = array())
It's in the api documentation at: http://api.drupal.org/api/function/l/6

This my explanation how to print variable $profile user on my block.. free override snippet variable $$$$$ ehhehhehe,
Add new block then Snipp this sample code on your block kokokok..

Checking out the form

To troubleshoot any problems we may encounter while editing the form, we need to inspect it. The devel module provides a kit of 5 functions to inspect the content of variables:

I think that you are asking for a form in a block where users can easily add a question without going to the usual node/add page. After some messing around, I've got this working on my site. I first created a custom content type called question and added a function to my template.php file.