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If we need to keep track of something variables and it needs to work with the user not logged in ( anonymouse ), what you want to do is use a cookie to keep track on it.

GIT How to #1


git adalah kontrol sumber manajemen (SCM) sistem utama yang banyak digunakan oleh Advance coder / developer software, digunakan biasanya oleh sejumlah coder dalam sebuah group. Awalnya secara khusus diciptakan oleh Linus Torvalds untuk mengelola sumber kernel Linux.

A fuel cell is a device that converts a fuel such as hydrogen, alcohol, gasoline, or methane into electricity directly. A hydrogen fuel cell produces electricity without any pollution, since pure water is the only byproduct.

Here I am shifting my focus on installing the Soundmanager 2 player on Drupal 7. I need to have the Media and Filefield Sources modules installed and the Private folder established for this.

JQuery Rocks

jQuery Rollovers Using “ this ” If you’ve been programming in PHP, or other object oriented languages, you may have come across “this” or “self”. With jQuery, we can write $(this) to select an element in the DOM (Document Object Model).

This page contains the documentation for the Mobile Tools module.

For those new to Drupal the term Drupal theming can sound a little scary but really it really isn’t something you should fear!
Drupal theming in its simplest form in just a HTML/CSS layout with a bunch of PHP tags dropped in.