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Drush adalah command line interface ( CLI ) tools alat bantu developer untuk mempermudah dalam memelihara ataupun membangun web site yang berbasis DRUPAL CMS.

This video learn how to setup load balancing 4 Server,
1 load balancer
2 web server
1 database server

you will need virtual box, vagrant for make virtual machine in one PC, lets do it.. just watching.. :)

Load Balancer

This week, Our office for the fist time going to migration Our Old infrastructure Web server topology, upgraded to Load Balancing infrastructure model.

One week we have upgrade our system !... We have 7 Machine HP G7,.. IDC IIX. web server is behind a load balancer, and interacts with the load balancer through private internal IPs VPN NAS and Database Server.
We only have 1 Administrator and 1 Webmaster ( as me ) and 7 Machine we have to migrate and configure.. this is hard job.. !! i sacrifice my time to meet with my family .. my wife and my son.. i am sorry for Rakes... I am sorry for Mami.. :(( .. i will pay back my time for you... i love you.!

I would like to move the "COMMENT FORM" above of the existing comments list.
But i wont hacking core for it by default when drupal core especialy D6 comment FORM is bellow of comment list.
Without hacking core or by modules code, it is imposible to change.

Ada 2 cara untuk menambahkan CSS ( Style ), di dalam theme, modules info atau menambahkan code drupal_add_css() dalam template.php atau modul custom yang Anda buat.

Menggunakan yourtheme.info ( setiap theme akan sama namanya misal menggunakan theme yang Anda buat )

Here I am shifting my focus on installing the Soundmanager 2 player on Drupal 7. I need to have the Media and Filefield Sources modules installed and the Private folder established for this.

I am trying to get my head around the new l() function in drupal 6, l($text, $path, $options = array())
It's in the api documentation at: http://api.drupal.org/api/function/l/6

Here are some basic, but high impact ways to optimize MySQL for Drupal (there are much more sophisticated and expensive ways to speed up your database of course):

Drupal Mysql Logo Image

An appropriate amount of "query_cache" is believed to improve MySQL performance at the expense of available memory. "Appropriate" will vary widely with usage and "performance" on a live site can be elusive. On Ubuntu, the defaults are modest but "work".

I've been working on the performance of my Drupal site and thought I'd share my results to date in case they might help someone else. My baseline performance using out-of-the-box settings was around 28 requests per second, and the end result is a rate of 68 requests per second.