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Dajjal Draw Mohammed Day Everybody


Group on Facebook 'Draw Mohammed Day Everybody! " which invites the public to follow the race drew the prophet is considered as a tool to divide Muslims. Nevertheless, the Indonesian people are asked not to be provoked.

"People should not be provoked. That caused the idle .."

The emergence of such competition would have a motive to divide Muslims. Indonesia as the country with the world's largest Muslim community is often a target.

"It certainly had a motive. By reason of freedom of expression and so forth. But in religion there are rules. And our freedom is also limited by the freedom of others. It can not hurt the confidence with which any proposition embraced by others,"

There must be no appeal or reject the invitation to perform movements or doing things that are actually harming Muslims.

"Never was, with an appeal for the movement will invite others to wonder. We respond with the usual course. People who do not know so even know, anyways it did it also from abroad. If the perpetrator of a new Indonesia could we ask for accountability,"

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