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Drupala Installation Profile 5.19 v1.0 – Social Networking & Social Bookmarking for Drupal

Drupala Design

The Drupala Installation Profile is built on the Drupal 5.x Drigg Installation for social bookmarking and the Advanced Profile Kit for social networking. The site architecture makes extensive use of Views, Panels, and multiple content types to build a portal organized around taxonomy terms that includes blogs, articles, social bookmarks, and user profiles.

The Drigg base theme has been redesigned to position featured categories in the primary links section and Drigg categories in the sidebar. This allows for an easy customization of the site structure to support virtually any topic. FCKeditor is pre-installed and configured for WYSIWYG blog & article publishing. The Drupala theme is two columns, optimized for APK & Drigg, and cross-browser tested in FF, IE6, IE7, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

There are two live sites currently based around the Drupala installation profile:

* http://drupala.com
* http://www.seo-mix.com
* Demo: http://demo.drupala.com

The Drupala Installation Profile contains two new themes, “Drupala” and “SEO-Mix”, as well as more than 50 contributed third-party modules for the Drupal 5.x platform. The installation package includes a MySQL database map and full Drupal 5.x installation. The Drupala and SEO-Mix themes are only different in the color of the top buttons of the GUI & search interface. The Drupala Installation Profile can be used as a base for multi-site installations, and comes with upgrade documentation.