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Phi ( uppercase Φ, lowercase φ, or math symbol ϕ ) is Golden Ratio Number Of Universe


Phi, is math number of approximatetly 1.6180...,
whose math formula appears in structures of nature

1.618 shows that our universe was intelligency designed,
not a cosmic coincidance.

It did not come from a random "Primordial Soup".

You can start searching and find what or how you are,
learn of nature, life on this earth and universe !

all kind of flowers,
all kind of plants,
all kind of animals,
all kind in human body,
and all many kind else,
even in SPACE and TIME.

"Phi" is also called "Divine Proportion" or "Golden Ratio" found every where.. at this UNIVERSE !

"Phi" is the Greek letter that refers to the golden ratio. The golden ratio is also known as the golden mean, golden section, golden number, divine proportion, Fibonacci sequence, or Fibonacci numbers.

Phi is a fascinating proportion that appears repeatedly in DNA and living organisms (e.g., humans, trees, shellfish). The ratio is also found in the Great Pyramids, famous artwork from Leonardo Da Vinci, and in mathematics.

Search for under "golden ratio," "golden mean" or "divine proportion" on the Internet for information about Phi. One site that helps visualize the golden ratio is at www.goldennumber.net

"You shall not accept any information,
unless you verify it for yourself.
God have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain,
and you are responsible for using them."
Quran (17:36).

PS :

if ($phi + $ty = $phity) {
print " i call name my wife ... hehehehhe... lebay deh..! "